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Every vision, every plan starts with the question, “what if?” Nest Financial Planning plans for your “what if?”

Building a Nest for Those You Love

Do you feel anxiety and chaos around finances? Are you uncertain how to plan and build that nest you envisioned to support your future? Would you like to work with someone great, or even delegate some of the responsibilities to ensure your financial future, so you can rest assured and spend more time doing what you love, with those you care about?

Areas of Support

Listening to Plan

Financial life planning is an intimate process. It requires personal attention and should not be rushed. Knowing that each of us is unique, listening helps us understand how to best proceed with what’s important to our lives, our values and our goals.

A Holistic Approach to Life and Money

My drive to deliver the highest level of personal service and professional integrity is insatiable. I fully utilize the vast resources available to me, providing an in-depth holistic process to create a financial plan for each client, and a future that best aligns with their goals and values.

How is your nest designed?

Refreshing your existing nest or designing a new nest aligned to your financial values and goals is a great place to change. All our nests are different, except for one thing – they’re all built one twig at a time.

Is your nest built for how you want to use it?

Is your nest designed with the goal to accomplish and protect what you plan for your future? Understanding the elements and details surrounding your life helps guide us through planning and decision-making processes.

Cash Flow and Debt Planning
The first stage in developing a solid foundation for meeting both short and long term objectives, we’ll work together to see where your money is moving, making sure all your money has a purpose and a role. Give your money clear objectives and it’s harder to get distracted from your long term vision. And, don’t worry, we still want to make sure you’re living a good life, so fun is still part of your money’s role. Debt planning falls into this same category, so we’ll make sure there’s clarity around your debts and a clear strategy towards meeting these and getting you where you want to be.
Retirement Planning
Make the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs, establish retirement cash flow projections and get help managing assets both before and during your retirement. We can also assist in the transfer of your retirement assets when you change jobs or retire.
Tax Management
Ensure your portfolio is tax-efficient. We develop investment strategies and work with you and your tax advisors for long-term solutions to tax requirements and obligations.
Estate Planning Strategies
Working with estate-planning and trust specialists, we can review your wills and trusts, preserve your estate for your intended heirs, establish beneficiary designations, reduce potential tax exposures or probate costs and coordinate your needs with your personal tax professionals and legal advisors.
Education Funding
We’ll recommend investment and accumulation strategies to help you pay for your children's education.
Risk Management
We’ll work with your insurance specialist to review existing insurance policies and ensure adequate coverage for your situation without overpayment.
Investment Management
Determining your asset-allocation needs, we help you understand your risk tolerance and risk capacity, recommending appropriate investment vehicles to help you reach goals which are in alignment with your values and lifestyle.

Nest Financial Planning during your first year.


FIT Meeting.

Nope, not pushups, burpees or crunches. Think of this as our first date. A relaxing and candid opportunity to learn about each other and make sure Nest Financial Planning is a good FIT for you and, just as importantly, that you’re a good FIT for Nest Financial Planning.


Let's Get Organized.

This is the time when we go over everything you sent to Nest Financial Planning after we’ve determined that we’re a good FIT. We use this time to make sure that nothing in the data gathering process is missed.


Gain some perspective.

This is when we roll up our sleeves, explore what matters most to you and start developing a plan to support your vision. We establish priorities, explore possibilities, prioritize your values and address any concerns.


Unfolding the blueprints.

Here we start looking at where you are in your life and we begin laying out the twigs to build your ideal nest. We’ll also identify if we need to look for other pieces to build from. This is the time for those more detailed conversations about cash flow, net worth, debt, investments, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, retirement needs projections, estate planning and anything else important to the development process.


and After.

Start building your nest! We take what we know, combine it with where you want to be and start implementing the steps identified through the process of detailing your ideal nest and ideal life. It doesn’t stop after meeting 5. Life changes along the way so we adjust accordingly. Twig here, twig there. New job, unexpected money, death, college, new house, new rental, new business opportunity. You name it, these are all events that we’ll include in making sure the decisions you make keep you on track to maintaining your ideal nest.

When it comes to investing, we focus first on your short and long term objectives.

We identify your risk preferences and then (and only when this is firmly established) we’ll build a globally diversified portfolio based on Nobel Prize winning research that meets your short, medium and long term goals, tax efficiency needs and social objectives. Nest Financial Planning maintains the view that investing is a long-term discipline, not a quick-tip, overnight homerun. If you are looking for the next hot stock tip, Nest is not the right solution for you.


As a fee-only firm we only get paid by you, our client. We receive no commissions or referral payments.

Financial Planning Fees

Fees for development of an initial financial plan range from $2,500 – $10,000 and are based on complexity and needs. All fees are fully disclosed and mutually agreed upon prior to the start of any work.

Investment Management Fees

Our standard advisory fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is calculated as a percentage of assets under management.
Account Value
Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $1,000,000
$1,000,001 – $2,000,000
Above $2,000,000
Annual fees are calculated on the average daily balance throughout the quarterly billing period. Fee payment frequency will be outlined in the client agreement.

Think out loud! Share your big, audacious ideas. It’s okay with us, it’s encouraged here.